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Andrea Lambert is an writer and artist.


Born in Los Angeles and educated at Reed College and CalArts, Lambert was active in the Riot Grrl movement of Portland, Oregon. She lived in San Francisco from 2000-2005, where much of her work is based. She currently lives in North Hollywood.

Common Themes

Her work frequently confronts issues of mental illness, drug addiction, and abjection. Subcultural backdrops, such as punk and electroclash are investigated with the sexual politics of sadomasochism and queer culture.


Jet Set Desolate (Future Fiction London, 2009) is a novel influenced by Linda Yablonsky, Nan Golden, and Jean Genet. Future Fiction London is an imprint of Creation Books.

The mentorships of Matias Viegener and Stephen Barber were vital to this work.

Lorazepam and the Valley of Skin: Extrapolations on Los Angeles (Valeveil Constructs, 2008), is a poetic duo to be published in Stockholm. It will be presented in translation with the work of Grant Watkins.

Six issues of the zine Bedtime Stories for Trivial Teens were produced in the 1990s.


Her work can be seen in Next Words, Chronometry, Sprawl, Artizen, Lime Tea, Posthoc, PLAZM, Anodyne, Curves, Fuck this Noise and The Bantu Chronicles. She wrote pornography for the now-defunct Warhookers while in San Francisco.


Lambert works in figurative oils critically referenced as kitchy maximalism. She has been exhibited in San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, San Diego, and most recently by the CalArts Queer Arts Collective.


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