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Dr. V.V.L.N. Sastry is an Indian economist and financial analyst who works for an investment bankingcompany by name Firstcall India Equity Advisors Pvt.Ltd in Mumbai, India. He has earlier held positions with Rabo Bank, Netherlands and Khandwala Securities, India.

Early life

Sastry is the son of a High School Principal and has a Ph.D in Banking from Banaras Hindu University and M.P.F. from Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore (IIM-B).[1] He worked on a research thesis on Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Markets as a Function of Capital Markets. A Topper in his M.B.A from SKIM, he is well regarded as an 'all rounder' in financial circles in India.[2]


Sastry has become one of the [3] Associate Director's at Rabo Bank at an young age and later on moved to a Leading Investment Banking Organization in 2003 and currently [4] heads the organization from Mumbai.

Sastry's contributions are well placed in leading booksand magzines. His scholarly articles on steel industry and clinical research organization He is a columnist for magazines including "The Analyst" published by CFA Institute and has been quoted in Economic Times, Financial Express, Business Standard and other publications covering India. His comments are quoted in leading international papers like Wall Street Journal[5] and news wires like Reuters, Thomson, Dow Jones and Bloomberg. He appears on various business electronic media channels[6]namely NDTV Profit, CNBC TV18, CNBC Aawaz, Zee Business, DD News, Bloomberg UTVI and TV9 on discussions relating to capital markets and economy.[7]

Sastry visits freequently the WIRC (Western India Regional Council)of ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants) as a guest speaker.[8]. He is also a member of the Small Investor Protection Committee, a voluntary organization for protecting the rights of small investors in India.[9]

In 1997, much before NASSCOM in India came out with Software Industry Report, Sastry brought the software industry report and he was acclaimed as the First Software Business Analyst of India.[10] Later in 2000 again he got the distinction of presenting the Biotech Opportunities in the form of an Industry Report, which has lead to the emergence of various biotech parks in India.[11]

This young man says that he is inspired by Chanakya in Economics and also equally respects the economics of Karl Marx and Jawaharlal Nehru.[12] He believes in Three Ancient Sages of India, namely Bhagiratha (The person who brought the river Ganges to the earth by his sheer hard work and tapasya) and Dhruv (The human who achieved the ambition of becoming a Planet Star by his sheer hard work and tapasya) and Viswamitra (The sage who created a Heaven as a competition to Indra (The king of heaven) with his hard work and skills). Born in a Hindu Vedic Brahmin Family, he believes in Nature as the "Living God" for all human beings.


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