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Taylor Kalupa was born on October 14, 1990 in Upland, California[1] She began dancing at the age of 3 and became involved with competitive dancing at the age of 7.

She was discovered by International Fashion and Editorial Photographer Kimberly Metz[2] during a photoshoot for a specialized dance troupe called Team Rave L.A. which was designed to perform at non-competitive, non-profit venues in California[3] Shortly after she signed with Bobby Ball Talent Agency's kid division for dance and modeling.

She was cast as a principal actress in Dave Navarro's Music Video Rexall which was produced by Emmy Award winning Honey[4]. In 2001, she was picked by renowned fashion photographer, Robert Erdmann[5], for a Japanese Vogue photoshoot with actor Toby Maguire . Taylor was cast as a dancer for the BBC's Drew Barrymore Story. In 2005, Taylor switched modeling agencies to Champagne Trott Model Management, now known as Vision Model Management aka Vision Los Angeles[6].

She has worked with such photographers as New York's Sinden Collier[7], internationally published fashion photographer, Michael Almeida[8], Rodney Ray[9], Nick Horne[10], and Internationally published fashion photographer Dominic Petruzzi[11].

She appeared in an episode of Lifetime Television's "Blush: The Search for America's Greatest Makeup Artist"[12] in which she was made to look like Marilyn Monroe.

She currently dances and competes at Just Plain Dancin & Co[13] which was named the Number 1 dance studio in North America in 2008[14]

Taylor studies acting at Playhouse West[15] in North Hollywood.


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