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In early Summer 2001 a treatment for a motion picture about a terrorist attack on American soil was completed and copyrighted three months prior to September 11, 2001. The authors utilized extensive online research and think-tank discussions to first determine that the Al qaeda threat was in fact once again imminent and that not only would Osama strike American soil once using airplanes as missiles, but also predicted one of his sons would orchestrate a second attack utilizing sophisticated hacking techniques to re-direct a passenger plane into a Nuclear Power Plant utilizing remote control. The authors spent six months pouring over documents and had nearly unlimited access to information channels that have since been extinguished or otherwise disabled from public view. After putting the information into a fictional narrative form it was submitted for copyright initially as a Movie Treatment. (see [1].) The Screenplay made the rounds already and the authors have since moved on to other projects. Reference exact document by entering "Taliban" in the title search and reference copyright# PAu002618654 at the L.O.C. site: You can also read the exact document here:


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