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Seeb Basketball League is a men's basketball league in the Sultanate of Oman[1] composed of 8 franchised teams namely Seeb A & B (Oman Team), Chinese Long (Chinese Team) and Al-Khoud Brothers, Frendi, Greyhounds, Sayarti and Wolverines (All Philippine Team). It is the first basketball league in Oman manage by both Omani’s and Filipinos with the support of Oman Basketball Association which promote physical fitness, good sportsmanship, fellowship, teamwork and create friendly and closer relationships among the Filipinos, Omanis and other nationalities here in Oman. The league's regulations are a hybrid of rules from FIBA and the OBA.

The league debut played its first game at the Seeb Sports Complex on July 1, 2010 sponsored by NAWRAS one of the leading telecommunication provider in Oman. The league was organized by the join endeavor of Mr. Khalid Al-Zadjali, Mr. Ronnie Salansan and Mr. Edgar Cruz.



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