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Henry Van Loon

The Brotherhood
  • Manny Velazquez
Shockwave Pictures
Release dates2016 (proposed)
CountryUnited States

Savage High is an upcoming 2016 American independent exploitation slasher film that plays homage to the 1970s and 1980s horror films and coming-of-age genre. Written and directed by Manny Velazquez, the film's cast and crew are made up of teenagers from Roberto Clemente High School in Chicago, Illinois.


After their short film Eat Your Makeup was finished it was decided to develop a longer film. Director Velazquez decided to create a feature length horror film that would represent the city and streets of Chicago and as an homage to his high school with a working name of The Clemente Horror Picture Show. He later decided a shorter title would be more appealing to the film's target demographic. The word 'Savage' in the title was used due a film trend from the 1920's. The story line was written for the film's prologue during the summer of 2014 and was shot through August 4–15. Principle photography will begin in late October 2014 at Roberto Clemente High School. The Film is scheduled to be completed by 2016.


A gruesome chain of murders starts to rock a Community High School in Chicago, Illinois in the Humboldt Park area as a group of rebel teenagers must come together to save there school from a devilish curse thats been connected to the schools founding in 1892


  • Samantha Rodriguez as Susan
  • Jennifer Chajon as Ruby
  • Marilyn Gonzalez as Cha Cha
  • Ian Pierce as Lumbardo
  • Alen Rios as Zack
  • Jorge Velazquez as Neighbor Man
  • Noemi Burgos Velazquez as Neighbor Woman
  • Joshua Lopez as Stan The Man
  • Ashely Perez as Nica
  • Alex Velazquez as Don
  • Angie Velazquez as Lucy
  • Jose Vargas as Landlord
  • Arthur Taylor as Mr. T


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