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Robert Visitacion was the United States Lightweight Kickboxing Champion and ranked number 2 in the World by ISKA & PKA in 1985.[citation needed] He held the Southeast Lightweight Kickboxing title in 1988 and ranked 5th in the World Rankings,[citation needed] and the Region 6 Points Champion USKA in 1982 at the beginning of his kickboxing career. Robert retired with a record of 47 wins and 5 losses, with 36 knockouts to his credit.[citation needed] He is still considered to be one of the most exciting fighters in the history of ISKA & PKA Kickboxing.[citation needed] He resided in Shreveport, Louisiana during most of his career and was managed by Carroll Baker until moving to Dallas, Texas where he finished his career in kickboxing. He retired from the ring in 1989 as the number 3 Ranked World Welterweight Contender in the PKA, ISKA & KICK organizations.[citation needed]

Visitacion has appeared in the movies 'ROTOR',[1] 'True Lies', 'The Pendulum' & the Spanish novela 'la Ley Del Selencio'.[citation needed]



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