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Rebecca Merle is an American born actress, writer, and comedian of mixed ethnicity; she, also, a citizen of France. [1] Rebecca can be seen in short & feature-length films, television, national commercials (on & off camera), in New York as well as regional theaters. Rebecca plays Marisol Santiago in the feature film GOOD FRIDAY due for release in 2015 and Suzy Java in the award winning short THE MAGNIFICENT DONUT; she's in the sketch ensemble of all three seasons of Inside Amy Schumer for Comedy Central. [1] Rebecca writes and performs Stand Up comedy in New York City; Shows have included notable venues like Comedy Cellar and Stand Up New York. [2] She was invited to serve as a judge on behalf of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences for the 41st Annual Student Academy Awards. [1] Rebecca's career began on stage as a child in productions with Milwaukee Repertory Theater and First Stage Milwaukee. [1] She received a BFA in Film at the University of Wisconsin; she studied acting and improv at New York City's HB Studio with stage actor & director Austin Pendleton and improv actor John Monteith of The Second City. [1] Rebecca is an alumnus of the NBC page program in Burbank, California. [3]


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