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Panayiotis Peter Levis (Born November 10, 1974) was born in Brooklyn, New York. He began piano lessons with the late Helen Durakis at the age of 7. He was the only male and boy soprano of The Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church Choir in Brooklyn New York. With Mrs. Durakis, Peter learned the basics and then advanced levels of classical piano. On many occassions, Peter would perform in recitals and concerts, covering many of the classical composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, and Grieg. He would also sing solo as boy soprano over a number of years at many events under the tutelage of Mrs. Helen Durakis.

Teen Years

During his early teen years, Peter tired of classical music and discovered heavy metal and rock. He performed in many cover bands, singing and playing music from classic rock favorites such as Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin. During this period, Peter met future guitarist Josh Keller. Josh inquired as to whether Peter would like to join his band "Pipedream." He decided to join and then began a long and flourishing writing and performing relationship with Josh.

Pipedream and Restless Spirit

In 1991 "Pipedream" was formed. Within months, Peter replaced the rhythm guitarist and bassist and brought his friend Bill Guido into the band to play bass. Together with drummer Mike Sutera, the band started to practice during weekends at 7 hour drills to master their abilities and song structure. At the end of 1991, "Pipedream" played its first show in CBGB to a full audience. This began a touring schedule which lasted more than five years. "Pipedream" recorded several demos and continued to tour New York and various states on the East Coast of the United States. In 1994 Peter decided to change the name of the band to "Restless Spirit" which was in reference to the real aspect of spiritual human life. In 1995 Restless Spirit started to have internal tensions. On the verge of international success, the band suddenly broke up. Devastated at this, Panayiotis Peter Levis decided to continue in music as a solo artist.

Classical Training

In 1997, Peter remixed and remastered some of the Restless Spirit tracks and released a small demo package of them. Due to the chance reference of a college professor, Peter met voice teacher Janet Pranschke in 1997. During preparation for his solo album, Janet suggested that he cease singing in rock and concentrate on classical music. With Janet as a mentor, Peter trained his voice in a classical direction for two years. In 1999, Peter resumed his solo rock career and entered the recording studio again.

PANAYIOTIS: Turn To The Lord

In 1999/2000, Panayiotis Peter Levis decided to record a solo CD about his spiritual path to the "Higher Power" also known as "God." He searched for two years for musicians to record with him, and discovered that none of the personel he knew were interested in being involved with music concerning religion or Christianity. During a trip to Greece in 1997, surrounded by mountains and endless sea, Peter wrote the music and lyrics for his upcoming solo album. After this, a long grueling time of tracking sequences for the ten songs began. Spending days in the studio, Peter completed the recording and mixing of Panayiotis: Turn To The Lord which consisted of ten tracks each in reference to a specific event or events in Peter's life. All of the music (guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, strings) and lead and background vocals were performed and recorded entirely by Peter himself. PANAYIOTIS: TURN TO THE LORD was distributed independently throughout the United States and in various contries throughout the world. From 2000- 2002 Peter joined various bands such as "Rhadika" and "Higher Ground" as lead vocalist and keyboardist. In 2001, Peter begain voice training with famed 1950s tenor Giovanni Consiglio. Giovanni turned into a mentor introducing Peter to the amazing world of tenor Bel Canto style singing. Ultimately, Peter formed a solo band that played the songs on "Panayiotis: Turn To The Lord," however the band never toured, and Peter returned to classical music.

The Arcadian Chorale, Richmond Choral Society, and The Metropolitan Greek Chorale.

In 2004, through his local church choir, Peter found Conductor, College Professor of Music, Composer, and Music Director Marina Alexander. After a small discussion with Marina, Peter decided to join the three groups that Marina directs. From 2004-2009 Peter has been tenor and soloist in these groups and he presently continues to sing there. Panayiotis Peter Levis presently teaches History and Sociology in Staten Island, NY.


Pipedream - 2 Songs (1992) Pipedream - 4 Songs (1992) Restless Spirit (1995) Restless Spirit - Remixed and Remastered (1997) Panayiotis Peter Levis - The Opera Demos (1997) Panayiotis Peter Levis (1997) Rhadika (2000) Panayiotis - Turn To The Lord (2000)


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PANAYIOTIS: Turn To The Lord: Review

A resident of New York City's Staten Island borough, Panayiotis Peter Levis is a Christian pop-rock singer/composer with a knack for dramatic, emotional melodies. Musically, Levis has been influenced by heavy metal, progressive rock and arena rock—and the dramatic nature of his melodies brings to mind Survivor as well as the 1980s fantasy metal of headbangers like King Diamond, Manowar, Queensryche and Ronnie James Dio. But Levis' lyrics have an overtly Christian message, and the New Yorker (a Greek-American and a member of the Greek Orthodox Church) is unlikely to be mistaken for a secular artist. In early 2000, Levis circulated copies of his CD Turn To The Lord, which finds him programming all of the instruments and doing all of the singing, writing and producing himself. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide


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