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Mark Wells-Pestell of Combs (born 1969) son of the Honorable Philip Wells-Pestell of Combs and grandson of the late Lord Reginald Wells-Pestell of Combs CBE.(d 17/01/1991)

Mark was schooled in London, England and joined the military in 1985 as a junior soldier in the Parachute Regiment. After being injured he was posted to the Queens Regt where he went on to be a part of the spearhead unit for 5 Airborne Brigade. Mark saw active service in Northern Ireland where it is believed he spent some time attached to 14Int and FRU.

Mark also successfully completed Special Forces training by doing the All Arms course in Hereford in 1989 at the age of just 19. Mark was also attached to the 5th Special forces (american) during the Gulf War as a liaison Officer and had specialised as a Medic. Awarded Mention in Dispatches and Queens Commendation for Bravery, gazetted (closed editions) 1989 and 1992. He is also believed to have been made a Member of the Most Honorable Order for the Protection of the Realm in 1996.unconfirmed

Mark was employed as a Paramedic by the London Ambulance Service (2002-2009) where he also became an active voice against bullying and promoted equality and fairness. Unfortunately he was repeatedly attacked by a road rage assailant after his ambulance broke down and defended himself, his crew mate and a member of the public. Commended by the Police and recorded as a VICTIM of an assault by the Crown Prosecution service he was sacked by some of the management team that he had so actively taken on.[1] This is scheduled for a Employment Tribunal in April 2010.

Mark has taken up the role of a People's champion and has represented other members of Ambulance staff who have been unfairly treated by their Trusts and has had excellent results all over the UK. In a recent case Mark was able to get a complete Policy change in the way that one of the largest NHS Ambulance Service trusts in the UK deals with its staff.

Mark continues to successfully work as a Paramedic Instructor.


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