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Gulf War

Iraq War
Other workMilitary Instructor
Author, My True Hollywood Story
Owner, The Bodyguard Group
Personal Bodyguard to Herman Cain
Personal Bodyguard to Oksana Grigorieva

Kris Herzog (born June 1967) in Avalon, Catalina Island, California, is a celebrity bodyguard and owner of the The Bodyguard Group, based in Beverly Hills, California.[1] Herzog was the bodyguard for Actor Mel Gibson's girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and their daughter Lucia. Herzog lived in Mel Gibson's house and remained employed by Grigorieva during their highly-publicized break up and child custody battle. In 2011, Herzog was personal bodyguard to Herman Cain during his campaign for President of the United States.[2]

Early life

Kris Herzog grew up in the town of Avalon on Catalina Island and spent his early years observing his father Bill Herzog's work with his company The Bodyguard Group.[3] He enlisted in the United States Army in August 1984 at age 17 and served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and various other Iraq missions. He was honorably discharged in August 1992 and transferred to the position of Contract Classified Special Military Instructor until August 2009. Much of his military and contract training career remains classified information.

He received a number of awards during his service from the United States Army and the United States Government including multiple Letters of Commendation from the Commanding General of the United State Army, the Commanding General of the United States Army Reserve and General Colin Powell of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is a veteran of Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm and various Iraq operations. Copies of these can be found on The Bodyguard Group main web site.


Following in his father's footsteps, Herzog became sole proprietor of The Bodyguard Group in 1987 on a part-time basis. In 1991, Herzog took over the agency from his father Bill Herzog.[4]

Herzog initially provided protection for an individual at the Sunset and Gower Studios. Since then Herzog and The Bodyguard Group's clientele list has grown to include many celebrities and political figures.

Herzog and The Bodyguard Group have also worked as security consultants for various Republican and Democratic party events and members.

Recently Herzog worked as a celebrity bodyguard security consultant for the television production company Brownstone Entertainment on an episode they produced about a hollywood celebrity seeking an Elite Military Special Forces/Navy SEAL-type bodyguard via Craigslist TV.[5][6]

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

In 2009 and 2010, Herzog acted as a bodyguard for Actor Mel Gibson's girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and their child Lucia, Herzog was living in Mel Gibson's home during their highly publicized break up and court cases. It was widely reported that Herzog had an affair with Grigorieva, many feel that this alleged affair caused Mel Gibson to break up with Grigorieva and later for Gibson to make the volatile statements recorded during several phone calls to Grigorieva on February 18, 2010, these recorded phone calls were later leaked to the news media.[7] He was present for their highly-publicized break up and child custody cases.[8][9] Grigorieva filed a police report against Gibson claiming domestic violence, among other concerns.[10] Herzog was subpoenaed as a witness in the court cases by both Gibson and Grigorieva's attorneys.[11]

Herman Cain for President 2011

In 2011, Herzog was the personal bodyguard to Republican Herman Cain, during his campaign for President of the United States.[12] Herzog's company, The Bodyguard Group, supplied all of the bodyguards for Cain.[13][14]

On December 3, 2011, Cain suspended his campaign for the presidency indefinitely after allegations of harassment were made.

The Bodyguard Group

Founded in 1967 in Beverly Hills, California and Las Vegas, Nevada by Bill Herzog after his return from combat duty in Vietnam, The Bodyguard Group is a private elite military members bodyguard referral group composed entirely of current and former Navy SEALs Veterans, Special Forces, Medics, Intelligence, K-9 units and Elite Tier 1 United States Military Veterans.[15]

The company assists United States Navy SEALs, Delta Force members, Special Forces veterans, Special Weapons and Tactics members, K-9 Units, former United States Secret Service employees and other United States veterans in finding jobs free of charge.

The company's largest undertaking was the 2005 deployment of over 200 members to the southern region of the United States to assist as security for United States Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security camps housing first responders and United States federal authorities during clean-up of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Herzog served as Safety Director for both projects.

My True Hollywood Story

Herzog obtained a United States copyright in 2011 for his autobiography My True Hollywood Story.[16] The book, which has not yet been released, will focus primarily on his experiences as owner of The Bodyguard Group, The Navy SEAL Bodyguard Group and The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills.[citation needed]


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