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Senapathy Gopalakrishnan (Malayalam: ??????? ?????????????), popularly known as Kris Gopalakrishnan is the Co-chairman of Infosys Technologies, a global consulting and IT services company based in India. He is also one of its seven founders.

Early days

Kris Gopalakrishnan was born in Trivandrum on April 5, 1956. He spent his school days in Govt.Model School,Thycaud, Trivandrum. Kris obtained M.Sc. (Physics) in 1977 and M. Tech. (Computer Science) in 1979, both from IIT, Madras. He started his career as a software engineer with Patni Computers, Mumbai in 1979.

Career at Infosys

In 1981, Gopalakrishnan co-founded Infosys with six other entrepreneurs. His initial years at Infosys included management of design, development, implementation and support of information systems for clients in the U.S. consumer products industry. From 1987-1994, Gopalakrishnan headed the technical operations of KSA/Infosys (a joint venture between Infosys and KSA in Atlanta, GA).

In 2007, Kris took over as CEO and Managing Director of Infosys Technologies Limited from Nandan Nilekani. Kris previously served as Chief Operating Officer (since April 2002), and as the President and Joint Managing Director (since August 2006). His responsibilities included Customer Services, Technology, Investments and Acquisitions.

Kris is currently the Chairman of the International Institute of Information Technology,Bangalore, and Vice Chairman of the Board for Information Technology Education Standards (BITES) set up by the Government of Karnataka. Kris is the Vice President of the CII National Council. He is also a member of ACM, IEEE and IEEE Computer Society.


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