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Kris Crummett is an American record producer and owner of the Interlace Audio, in Portland, Oregon.[1] [2] Kris started recording in 2002. He has worked with many notable indie music record labels, including Rise Records, Epitaph Records, Fearless Records, Sumerian Records, Equal Vision Records, and many more. He is best known for his work with bands such as Sleeping With Sirens, Issues, Dance Gavin Dance, Drop Dead, Gorgeous and Alesana. He is also currently a member of the Portland, Oregon band The Crash Engine.

Production Discography[edit]

YearArtistAlbum TitleTypeLabelCreditsRelease DateCharts
2014Jonny CraigTBAAlbumN/AProducer[3]TBA 2014
2013Miss FortuneA Spark To BelieveAlbumSumerian RecordsProducer, engineering, mixing, mastering[4]TBA 2014
2013IssuesIssuesAlbumRise RecordsExecutive Producer, producer, engineering, mixing, mastering[5] [6]02.18.2014Billboard 200 #9 22.000+ first week[7]
2013Japanese Tongue-SistersTBAAlbumN/AProducer[8]TBA 2014
2013Icarus The OwlTBAAlbumTBAProducer[9]TBA 2014
2013IdlehandsTBAAlbumInvogue RecordsProducer[10]TBA 2014
2013A Lot Like BirdsNo PlaceAlbumEqual Vision RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing, mastering[11]29.10. 2013Billboard 200 #199[12]
2013Dance Gavin DanceAcceptance SpeechAlbumRise RecordsMastering. Produced by Matt Malpass07.10.2013
2013Bleach BlondeStarving ArtistAlbumRise RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing, mastering[13]23.09. 2013
2013ApolloWe Must Be Feeling The MoonAlbumN/AProducer[14]22.08.2013
2013Night VersesLift Your ExistenceAlbumEasy Killer RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing, mastering[15]25.06.2013
2013I Can Make A MessEnolaAlbumRise RecordsMastering[16]11.06.2013
2013FallstarBackdraftAlbumFacedown RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing, mastering[17]16.04.2013
2013TilianMaterial MeAlbumVital RecordsMastering[18]18.03.2013
2013IdlehandsCommon SoulAlbumInvogue RecordsProducer12.03.2013
2013Cinema SleepMake Your WayAlbumStandby RecordsProducer[19]05.03.2013
2013Message Through MotionEarthshakerAlbumSelf ReleasedProducer[20]22.01.2013
2012Tempting In ParisPolaroids In JulyAlbumRevival RecordingsProducer26.11.2012
2012IssuesBlack DiamondsE.PRise RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing, mastering[21]12.11.2012Billboard 200 #96[22]
2012Night VersesOut Of The SkyE.PEasy Killer RecordsProducer25.09.2012
2012Further Seems ForeverPenny BlackAlbumRise RecordsMastering01.08.2012
2012American MeIIIAlbumRise RecordsProducer01.08.2012
2012AltarsConclusionsAlbumFacedown RecordsMastering05.06.2012
2012Electric JesusDesert MouthAlbumSelf ReleasedProducer13.04.2012
2011AlesanaA Place Where The Sun Is SilentAlbumEpitaph RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing[23]14.10.2011Billboard 200 #52[24]
2011A Lot Like BirdsConversation PieceAlbumDoghouse RecordsProducer11.10.2011
2011Man OverboardMan OverboardAlbumRise RecordsMastering. Produced by Steve Klein26.09.2011
2011Arms Like Yours.Architect.AlbumSelf ReleasedProducer09.08.2011
2011Artifex PereoAilments & AntidotesAlbumSelf ReleasedProducer23.07.2011
2011MachreeChangerAlbumSelf ReleasedProducer12.07.2011
2011The Orphan, The PoetTranslatingAlbumSelf ReleasedProducer31.06.2011
2011Eyes Like DiamondsFrequenciesAlbumTragic Hero RecordsProducer18.06.2011
2011Sleeping With SirensLet's Cheers to ThisAlbumRise RecordsProducer, engineering, mastering, mixing, electronics, percussion, piano, strings[25]09.06.2011Billboard 200 #98 100.000+[26]
2011Dance Gavin DanceDowntown Battle Mountain IIAlbumRise RecordsProducer, engineering, mixing, mastering07.03.2011Billboard 200 #82[27]
2011DecoderDecoderAlbumRise RecordsMastering17.01.2011
2010Tides of ManDreamhouseAlbumRise RecordsProducer13.09.2010
2010Scarlett O'HaraLost In ExistenceAlbumRise RecordsProducer13.09.2010
2010Bizzy BoneCrossroads 2010AlbumSumerian RecordsProducer24.08.2010
2010EmarosaEmarosaAlbumRise RecordsVocal Engineer, Vocal Production28.06.2010Billboard 200 #69[28]
2010We Are The EmergencyWhispers & FragmentsAlbumFirestarter MusicProducer10.05.2010
2010OceanaClean HeadE.P.Rise RecordsMastering10.05.2010
2010AlesanaThe EmptinessAlbumFearless RecordsProducer12.04.2010Billboard 200 #68
2010PMtodayIn Media ResAlbumRise RecordsProducer[29]05.04.2010
2010Rags & RibbonsE.PE.PSelf ReleasedProducer21.03.2010
2009Jonny CraigA Dream Is a Question You Don't Know How to AnswerAlbumRise RecordsProducer, engineering, mastering, composing, bass, drums, guitar, keyboards[30]18.08.2009
2009Dance Gavin DanceHappinessAlbumRise RecordsProducer09.06.2009Billboard 200 #145
2009Closure In MoscowFirst TempleAlbumEqual Vision RecordsProducer[31]05.05.2009
2009LoomSelva MolhadaAlbumExigent RecordsProducer13.04.2009
2009CatherineInside OutAlbumRise RecordsProducer16.03.2009
2009No Bragging RightsConsequence Of DreamsAlbumPure Noise RecordsProducer03.03.2009
2009In Fear and FaithYour World On FireAlbumRise RecordsProducer06.01.2009
2008In:Aviate1985AlbumRise RecordsProducer14.10.2008
2008Dance Gavin DanceDance Gavin DanceAlbumRise RecordsProducer19.08.2008Billboard 200 #172
2008EmarosaRelativityAlbumRise RecordsProducer07.08.2008Billboard 200 #191
2008Lower DefinitionThe Greatest of All Lost ArtsAlbumFerret MusicProducer07.08.2008
2008We Are The EmergencySeizureE.P.Firestarter MusicProducer22.05.2008
2008In:AviateSpeakAlbumRise RecordsProducer13.05.2008
2008Closure In MoscowThe Penance and The PatienceAlbumTaperjean RecordsProducer19.04.2008
2008Dead And DivineThe FancifulAlbumRise RecordsProducer18.03.2008
2008American MeHeatAlbumRise RecordsProducer19.02.2008
2008Here I Come FallingOh Grave, Where Is Thy VictoryAlbumRise RecordsProducer04.01.2008
2008Along Way HomeSolaceAlbumTorque RecordsProducer2008
2007Her CandaneNo BattleAlbumTribunal RecordsProducer06.11.2007
2007CatherineThe NaturalsAlbumRise RecordsProducer07.08.2007
2007Prize CountryLottery of RecognitionAlbumExigent RecordsProducer28.06.2007
2007LKNPostulate IIAlbumGrayday ProductionsProducer15.05.2007
2007I Am The Ocean...And Your City Needs SwallowingAlbumUprising RecordsProducer15.05.2007
2007Dance Gavin DanceDowntown Battle MountainAlbumRise RecordsProducer15.05.2007
2007It PrevailsThe InspirationAlbumRise RecordsProducer03.04.2007
2007KaddisflySet Sail The PrairieAlbumHopeless RecordsProducer13.03.2007
2006Dance Gavin DanceWhatever I Say Is Royal OceanAlbumRise RecordsMastering14.11.2006
2006KaddisflySeasonsEPHopeless RecordsProducer24.10.2006
2006Broadway CallsCall The MedicAlbumState Of Mind RecordsEngineer12.09.2006
2006The Devil Wears PradaDear Love: A Beautiful DiscordAlbumRise RecordsMastering04.06.2006
2006CatherineRumor Has ItAlbumRise RecordsMastering04.06.2006
2006Drop Dead, GorgeousIn VogueAlbumRise RecordsProducer02.05.2006
2006LKNPostulate 1AlbumGreyday ProductionsProducer11.04.2006
2005A Fall FarewellWhen Us Trouble Befalls and the Secrecy EnthrallsAlbumRise RecordsMastering2005
2005CrosstideLife As A SpectatorAlbumSlowdance RecordsEngineer20.09.2005
2005Coretta ScottScream & ShoutAlbumRise RecordsProducer08.2005
2005Clarity ProcessKilling The PrecedentAlbumRise RecordsProducer, Musician, Composer27.06.2005
2005Still Life ProjectorDance RiotAlbumRise RecordsProducer27.06.2005
2005Inked In BloodLay Waste The PoetsAlbumFacedown RecordsEditing11.04.2005
2004LKNIn The Leap YearAlbumGreyday ProductionsProducer11.05.2004
2004Lonely KingsIdes Of MarchEPRise RecordsEngineer, Mixing19.05.2004
2004Fear Before The March Of FlamesOdd How People ShakeAlbumRise RecordsProducer06.04.2004
2003Anatomy Of A GhostEvanesceAlbumRise Records/Fearless RecordsProducer21.10.2003
2002CrosstideSeventeen Nautical MilesAlbumRise RecordsEngineer, Mixing04.06.2002


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