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Dr. Ka-Chun Siu (Joseph Siu) (Chinese: ??? ??) is a new faculty member in the College of Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), and a courtesy professor at the Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility, University of Nebraska at Omaha. Dr. Siu is also affiliated with the Center of Advanced Surgical Technology. His research areas include Occupational Health, Motor Control, Motor Learning, Robotic Surgery and Neurological Physical Therapy. He is currently working on research related to aging and fall prevention in Public Health.

Dr. Siu was born and raised in Hong Kong. He obtained his BS in Physical Therapy from the Kaohsiung Medical University, School of Rehabilitation Medicine in Taiwan, ROC in 1999 and became a Registered Physical Therapist.

In 2001, he began his doctoral studies in motor control and learning at the University of Oregon in the Department of Human Physiology. His mentor and advisor was Dr. Marjorie Woollacott. While at Oregon, he was a Graduate Teaching Fellow, Instructor, Graduate Research Fellow and Webmaster. His dissertation focused on how cognitive functions affect balance during obstacle crossing in healthy young, healthy elderly and elderly with balance impairments. He found that when elderly switch their attention between two tasks while walking, it significantly affects the stability of their gait.

After receiving his doctorate in August 2006, Dr. Siu immediately began working as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate with his second mentor Dr. Nicholas Stergiou in the Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility, previously named HPER Biomechanics Laboratory. His duties included being the Project Leader for Robot-Assisted Surgery Educational Program, Instructor, Journal Club supervisor, grant writer and webmaster. His research project was to discover and refine motor learning tasks for beginning surgeons to acquire proficiency in the use of the Da Vinci Surgical System. One of his research interest was in developing appropriate training protocols to optimize surgical proficiency to perform robotic surgery.

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