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Judyth Vary Baker (n?e Judyth Anne Vary) is an American artist, writer and poet best known for documentaries, interviews, articles and books concerning her admission to having had an intimate relationship with accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Born May 15, 1943, in South Bend, Indiana, she first became known as a young prodigy in cancer research, then, later, for her assertions (beginning in 1999) that while conducting cancer research in New Orleans, in the summer of 1963, she had a love affair with Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy.

Baker has been the subject of numerous magazine and newspaper articles in the United States[1]and abroad,[2],beginning with reports on her early achievements as a high school student in the physical and biological sciences,[3]as well as having been the subject of widely available filmed interviews, Internet artticles, documentaries,[4][5][6] and books, including Edward T. Haslam's Dr. Mary's Monkey (Trine Day Publishers, 2007)[7] and the 2003 History Channel Documentary, "The Love Affair" (available on YouTube and at numerous websites).[8]Witnesses to Baker's story have also been filmed, as well as interviews with researchers who have investigated her and support her story[9][10][11][12][13][14]Baker's life story has also been published in journals and books: the latest, Me & Lee (480 pages) is to be released by Trine Day, Nov. 2009.[15] A prior 700-page biography of Baker was published by researcher and author Harrison E. Livingstone in 2004.[16]Other writings where Baker is mentioned prominently include Interview with History,[17] and The Radical Right and the Murder of John F. Kennedy.[18]Baker has also been the subject of scholarly journal articles published in 2004, 2007, and 2009.[19]
Baker's assertions have aroused controversy among researchers and historians who support the Warren Commission's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the killing of former US President John F. Kennedy in 1963. While some conspiracy theorists also discount Baker's claims, many such researchers now consider most or all of her story to be credible. Typically, these are researchers who have actually interviewed Baker (who is reclusive) in person, and who have personally examined her evidence files.
It has been established that Baker was a star science student, [20]who received advanced training in handling deadly cancer viruses at a famous cancer research center, Roswell Park Memorial Institute, before continuing her research briefly at St. Francis College (now St. Francis University)[21]. She is believed to have continued research as a student at The University of Florida, after which she was invited to work in New Orleans by Dr. Alton Ochsner, former president of the American Cancer Society. While in New Orleans, she stated that she became involved in a project to develop a biological weapon using cancer, under the auspices of Ochsner's respected orthopedic surgeon and cancer research specialist and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mary S. Sherman with the aid of Sherman's anti-Castro friend David Ferrie, and with the cooperation of the CIA: the intention was to kill Fidel Castro in a manner that could not be connected to any agency or to the U.S. government.
In 2008 the CIA officially admitted that at this time many unusual plans and attempts were made to assassinate Castro, some involving biological agents, such as creating a diving suit infected with a deadly fungus, using poisoned cigars, and employing cancer-causing agents such as thallium.[22]
It was in New Orleans that Baker met Lee Harvey Oswald, who she says acted as an assistant and courier in the project.
Critics point out that while evidence may exist that Baker apparently knew Oswald intimately, based on the statements of live witnesses, work records, and circumstantial evidence, that other claims need more investigation. Many researchers believe Dr. Mary Shermanwas murdered in New Orleans on July 21, 1964, the same day the Warren Commission came to New Orleans to obtain unsolicited testimonies concerning the Kennedy assassination, because Sherman may have been an important witness. It should be noted that evidence supporting Baker's statements concerning the development of a biological weapon has been assessed and collected for a decade by such researchers as Edward T. Haslam (viz., his book Dr. Mary's Monkey, Trine Day, 2007), reporter and well-known author Jim Marrs (author of Crossfire, upon which the 1991 Oliver Stone film JFK was based), Dutch researcher Wim Dankbaar, researcher and producer Nigel Turner (producer and writer of the long-standing The Men Who Killed Kennedy documentary series, for The History Channel), Harrison Livingstone (author and researcher, with Robert Groden, of the best-selling book High Treason), and veteran researcher Martin Shackelford, all of whom, after investigating Baker, have subsequently supported her story.
It is known that Baker worked at the Reily Coffee Company concurrently with Oswald. Several witnesses, such as Anna Lewis, whose husband worked with Guy Banister, a former FBI agent long linked to Oswald, also support Baker's statements about her affair with Oswald. [23]Baker states that Oswald gave technical and courier assistance to a "get-Castro project", and eventually told her about an impending JFK assassination plot, fearing he was being set up to take the blame.
Edward T. Haslam, the son of a doctor in New Orleans who knew Dr. Sherman, investigated the Mary Sherman-David Ferrie-Ochsner connections for over three decades, finally writing a book Mary, Ferrie, & the Monkey Virus in 1995 about a secret laboratory he discovered, and eventually identifying Baker as his most important witness in his 2007 sequel, Dr. Mary's Monkey devoting several final chapters to Baker and Oswald's work with Sherman.[24]
Baker kept silent about her relationship with Oswald for 38 years after the JFK assassination, fearing retaliation from those she believed responsible for the President's death. However, after seeing the movie [[JFK]] by Oliver Stone, she mustered the courage to come forward with her story. Baker believes Oswald was a deep-cover operative for the American government and states that he told her he had penetrated a ring in Dallas, Texas that planned to assassinate Kennedy.

Early Life

Judyth Baker was born Judyth Anne Vary, the oldest child of Donald William and Glorianne W. Vary in 1943. She was seriously ill as a young child and was hospitalized for over a year with complications from a ruptured appendix and gangrene. The event gave her a deep interest in science and medicine. She attended St. Mary's School in Niles Michigan, Southside Jr. high School in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Manatee High School in Bradenton, Florida. When her grandmother died of cancer in 1957, 14-year-old Baker decided to become a cancer researcher.

High School

October 17, 1958, she was introduced to Dr. Canute Michaelson, a high-ranking Norwegian geneticist and radiobiologist with CIA ties who had served as a double agent against Hitler.[25] Michaelson's exploits as a spy fascinated her. He provided her with equipment, and contacts with Oak Ridge,[26] after she indicated her interest in finding a cure for cancer. Her patriotic zeal was further enhanced in high school by friendships with retired military officers (especially her science instructor, Col. Phillip Doyle) and anti-Castro Cubans, including a close friendship with fellow student Tony Lopez-Fresquet, the oldest son of Castro's first finance minister,Rufo Lopez-Fresquet.[27]

Research Activities

Her research, and its results, working from a high school laboratory, were soon noticed by professors and scientists with high profile connections in the medical and political world.[28] This resulted in invitations to science programs and science fairs nationwide. In March, 1961, at age 17, she became the first high school student allowed to attend the elite Science Writer’s Cancer Research Seminar, a 5-day national meeting of science writers and the world’s most important cancer research scientists, where her research was inspected by top American Cancer Society (ACS) officials, research scientists, and Nobel Prize winners, who began mentoring her.[29] At that time, she met the three doctors credited today with wakening the world to the dangers of smoking: Dr. Harold Diehl (Sr. Vice President of the American Cancer Society in 1961), Dr. George Moore (Director of Roswell Park Institute, the first hospital to ban smoking) and Dr. Alton Ochsner, of New Orleans' Ochsner Clinic. She was then invited by Moore to work in his personal laboratory at Roswell Park Institute in Buffalo, New York, the oldest important cancer research center in the United States. There she conducted research on melanoma cancers and learned techniques for handling cancers induced by the Friend virus and the SV40 monkey virus.
She next enrolled in the medical technology program at St. Francis College in her home state of Indiana, where she considered becoming a nun as well as a scientist. Assigned to work with malignant melanoma, at Dr. Alton Ochsner’s suggestion, one of the 18-year-old's research projects is preserved in an Indiana Academy of Science abstract entitled "Studies on the Increase in vitro of Mitotic Activity and Melanogenesis in the RPMI HA # 5 (7113) Strain Melano." (Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science. V. 71 (1961) p. 71): the abstract mentions that her cancer research was continuing at her lab at St. Francis. [30]Dr. Alton Ochsner’s work in 1961-1962 on melanoma was important enough to be recorded in his official biography:[31]Baker says he directed her work in melanoma research and encouraged her research in lung cancer.[32]Baker's cigarette and lung cancer work with mice had resulted in her receiving advanced training at Roswell Park in Moore's personal laboratory; and </ref> newspaper articles show Baker's work inducing lung cancer in mice in record time in a high school lab had been personally inspected in 1961, resulting in her invitation to receive advanced training. That same year, Ochsner, with the financial help of Texas oil baron Clint Murchison, established the Information Council of the Americas (INCA) with Ed Butler as Executive Director. The main objective of the organization was to prevent communist revolutions in Latin America.[33]. Ochsner's patriotism and strong anti-communist stance deeply impressed young Baker, and she said she told Ochsner was willing to cooperate in a project to eliminate Castro through biological means so "nobody in the U. S. government could be blamed."[34]

Evidence and Witnesses

Baker retained many items, such as paycheck stubs, bus tickets, letters, newspaper articles, and personal items, which have been closely inspected since 1999 by investigators in the JFK assasination case [35] who concluded she was telling the truth, while her detractors point to Baker's waiting over three decades before speaking out, and that her failure to alert others to Kennedy's danger should be punished, if she is telling the truth. Baker contends that she would not have been believed, and that the researchers who have created large websites enouncing her have never met her or interviewed her, in contrast to those researchers on record as supporting her claims. Heated debate on the veracity of Baker's story exists in Internet newsgroups, especially regarding the idea that a bioweapon could have been developed outside a major laboratory, but Baker says she was chosen to work in the get-Castro project precisely because she was able to work with deadly cancers under more primitive conditions, having done so at her own high school. Even Baker's detractors concede her contemporaneous work with Oswald at Reily, and the fact that her husband was absent most of the summer of 1963, when Baker says she and Oswald had an affair.
Author Edward T. Haslam has been interviewed multiple times on TV, radio, and on the Internet, providing personal supporting evidence for Baker's story. Baker's sister states on film that she was told of the affair with Oswald in 1964.
William "Mac" McCullough, formerly of New Orleans and a singer and bouncer for Mafia-run nightclubs, described Baker and Oswald as "companions" on audiotapes. The Charles Thomas family has verified that Baker met Charles Thomas, a former Customs agent, when she was introduced to him by Lee Harvey Oswald in June, 1963. Video testimony by longtime New Orleans resident, Anna Lewis,former wife of David Lewis, who once worked as a private invvestigator for Guy Banister (who stated Banister and Oswald knew each other). includes the statement that Baker "was Oswald's mistress" with additional details. The interview is available on Google video and at the website, hosted by Dutch researcher Wim Dankbaar.Additionally, family members and friends insist Baker began speaking privately of her association with Oswald as early as 1980, some 19 years before she spoke out publicly.
Detailed information on Baker can be found at her official website ( and at Edward T. Haslam's website (


After the JFK assassination Baker's promising career as a cancer researcher abruptly ended. Baker states she was told to keep a low profile and stay silent, if she wanted to stay alive.)[36]
Baker has stated that her goal is to exonerate Lee Harvey Oswald from the charge that he was the assassin of John F. Kennedy. Her stance has raised ire among some who are certain that Oswald acted alone in the November, 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Baker left the United States and later, the EU, in 2003-2004 after threats. She was threatened again while in Hungary in 2007, and fled to Sweden, where she entered the political asylum system in September, 2007, remaining there until July 15, 2008. She now lives outside the USA in undisclosed locations and refuses all interviews.


Black Op Radio's Internet website provides an hour-long interview with Baker, interviewed by Anita Langley, that can be heard and downloaded on the Internet. It is the only radio interview that Baker ever consented to make.Interview # 171 Judyth Vary Baker "Lee Oswald" May 13, 2004:

An extensive video interview of Baker telling her story is available on DVD through the website, where she is interviewed by veteran assassination researcher Jim Marrs, author of the book Crossfire, the Plot that Killed Kennedy.

That portion of Baker's claim (to have known Oswald) is no longer considered controversial by most serious researchers due to witness statements and after the publication of studies conducted by statistician Dr. John Williams, conclusing that her work with Oswald at the Reily Coffee Company was pre-arranged with better than a million-to-one chances, with a 98% chance that Baker and Oswald knew each other well. Williams' statistical study was based on a number of events and correlating calendric dates that Baker and Oswald shared in New Orleans, such as being hired the same day by the same small sub-company (Standard Coffee), being transferred together a week later to the same branch of the parent company (Wm. B. Reily), the fact that Baker's supervisor ordered an ad to replace her the day Oswald was fired from Reily, that Baker's last day of work at Reily was the same day Oswald was arrested in New Orleans; that they rode the same bus, moved into their apartments the same week, moved to New Orleans the same week, could both speak Russian, that they left New Orleans the same month, and that witnesses have testified seeing the two together as "companions" and "lovers." See Williams, Dr. John, "Judyth and Lee," The Dealey Plaza Echo, 2006.


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