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In Mali, ice hockey is not very popular sport. Only ice hockey arena is located in Bamako, the capital of Mali. Mali's ice hockey association, MIHA, controls Mali's national ice hockey team. Mali has played two international matches. First game was 2001 against Sudan, which Mali lost 8-2. Second game was in 2003, when Mali faced Tanzania. Mali won their first international match against Tanzania, by score 7-1. Mali's ice hockey league is played in winter. Many years, the champion has been Bamako Warriors.

Background and history

Ice hockey skates

Mali failed to qualify for 2009 African Nations Cup of Ice Hockey.[1] Competing countries will be South Africa, Morocco and Mali's neighbor Algeria.[2][3] The Algerian team and the Moroccan team also play in the Arab Cup of Ice Hockey.[4] Ice hockey is also played in Mali's neighbor Ivory Coast.[5]

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