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During pregnancy a woman has to be aware that many factors may harm her infant. Important factors are many things like avoiding drinking alcohol, avoiding smoking, heavy sports, etc. drinking and smoking may cause fatal alcohol spectrum disorder, (FASD), high blood pressure and many disorders. Obviously, it has bad effects on babies too. Ramadan is month of happiness and as have been said by Muslims the month of party of their creature God. Listening to Music may make the baby smarter too.

At least one medical study indicates pregnant woman are included in the category of people who can postpone the fasting.[1]


Fasting means no eating and drinking until Azan. Of course, a sick person or pregnant ladies do not have to be on fasting during that period. Duration of fasting period is 30 days depending on the orders of Islamic leaders.

Ramadan effects on fetuses[edit]

Normally, a new born baby weights about 4 kilograms a bit less or more. During gestation, according to research, born boys were taller and heavier. Even though, their mother was fasting.[2]


Ramadan is a special month that the earth has special situation in our solar system according to lunar calendar. It affects very well to people even though some groups of people do not have to be fasting.

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