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Donna Duke (born 21st June 1984) is a UK based model who is from English and Filipina descent.[1] She started out as a glamour model during her university days. She is best known for her work as a presenter on SKY TV's adult channels and having worked for numerous phone in televised sex line channels; Babecast, Babestation, Bang Babes, Partyland, Red Light Central and BlueBird TV. [2]

Donna has appeared in a couple of music videos. She appeared in Doom Man's "Have You Any Flows" as the leading lady[3] and "Skydiving" by Twizzle vs GreenMoney.[4] She was also cast a minor role as herself in the 2010 violent porn film Killer Bitch.[5][6]

She has also done promotional work for Television X[7] and featured in many lads mag’s[which?] in the UK and overseas. Most predominently she has appeared on the pages of Playboy magazine during the summer of 2009.[8]. In addition to her TV and film work she is also one of the main models in the UK for Apple Bottoms, the designer label co-owned by the rapper Nelly.[9] She has also worked as a ring girl in the past working fights for the likes of David Haye, Nikolai Valuev, Evander Holyfield.[7]


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